Pierau Planung – German Partners

Click-On Logistics joint venture with Pierau Planung was created to expand the businesses mainland European market coverage and to provide niche expertise and experience with the home-shopping and fulfilment industry.

Established in 1961 and based in Hamburg, Pierau Planung Consultancy has become the market leader for mainland European supply chain design as well as particular expertise in home-shopping logistics operations and systems. With the experience of more than 1,000 client projects, Pierau Planung’s experience and innovation is unrivalled in Europe.

Within the joint venture Click-On Logistics provide:

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Change and project management
  • A proven force in UK consultancy.

Pierau Planung’s contribution is

  • Creativity in developing complex materials handling solutions
  • Market leader in mainland Europe for Mail Order & Fulfilment solution and supply chain strategy design
We believe our joint venture provides clients with an enhanced and more focussed level of consultancy within these markets.