Global Manufacturer

client-nskPan European strategic evaluation, change planning and subsequent implementation.

The job was to migrate the business in Europe from a country-based organisation (effectively 7 separate businesses) to a product-based organisation for 3 product streams covering all countries. The Client had worked with a large accounting based consultancy and needed to focus on how the recommendations from a strategic review were to be implemented. The need was recognised for a team who understood strategy, but who could also do a solid ‘hands on’ implementation job.

Having worked with the accounting based consulting firm to develop the strategy, Click-On Logistics were engaged to implement the supply chain strategy across Europe. The work undertaken included the following steps:

  • Develop the business case for change in the European operations and sell the solution to the senior management team
  • Establish an implementation programme and project organisation
  • Set-up and internal reporting mechanism that included review forums to monitor project progress
  • Recruit senior managers in Supply Chain Management to develop and enhance the internal organisation
  • Rationalise the distribution infrastructure
  • Development of a change programme for country-based facilities, and establish local service platforms where needed
  • Centralise a specialised product operation from all individual country markets – effectively a pilot for the large scale change
  • Manage an improvements programme at the distribution operation with the incumbent third party contractor
  • Negotiate exit conditions from the third party contract in mid-term due to poor performance
  • Implement a new in-house European distribution centre in The Netherlands

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