Leading Distribution Provider

Carbon Footprint Management

Culina Logistics has a high energy consumption supply chain by virtue of the temperature controlled distribution service it provides as a leading chilled distribution provider. Culina handles the total supply chain requirements from production to retailer of many leading chilled food brands including Tropicana, Muller, Danone, Gu, and Innocent Drinks.

“The rigorous maintenance of our temperature regimes combined with high activity levels, obviously results in us consuming significant amounts of energy” says Group Operations Director Rein Brakel. As a consequence he adds “it is in all our interests to ensure we provide our customers with a lean and environmentally efficient supply chain”.

Culina Logistics were one of the first UK logistics companies to measure their Carbon Footprint, which underpinned the development of their “Green Culina” brand. Click-On Logistics worked with Culina to define and measure their Carbon Footprint, the results of which were allocated to individual sites, activities and customers.  This level of detailed allocation provided local management with a suite of management tools against which to measure their environmental impact.

As a multi user distribution platform, their ability to achieve high levels of vehicle utilisation ensures that the optimum energy and fuel usage, whilst maintaining customer service level requirements. Furthermore empty running of vehicles is minimised and all efforts are made to maximisation of vehicle fill.  In the warehouse environment, a rapid product turnover and throughput  flow ensures high levels of productivity, all of which have supported a lean operation with a managed Carbon Footprint.

Within such a dynamic environment carbon emission levels are constantly changing. Accordingly, the “Green Culina” strategy called for ongoing environmental and Carbon Footprint measurement, and through further Carbon measurements and analysis, Click-On Logistics have confirmed Culina’s established belief that proactive management of an energy efficient and lean operation has aligned profitability with environmental responsibility.

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