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client-nhsMajor Logistics Change Programme

The Client had set out a change programme with savings based on operations enhancement and on major opportunities in procurement. To achieve these benefits, a new warehouse facility would be required. We were selected as the Lead Consultant in this programme against a very long list of original contenders from the OJEU bidding process.

The product range comprises of approx. 16,000 SKU’s across 15 different user communities. The top down strategy included merging the product range, rationalising the supply base, and a consolidation of physical inventories. This complex change programme will span 3-4 years, and the scale of change within the client organisation and within suppliers is huge. Our fast track method of assessing inventory requirements supported the client in achieving their first critical milestone within the first month of our involvement.

We remain engaged to deliver change that includes the following areas:

  • Demand analysis for merging the customer base
  • Inventory holding requirements
  • Picking method and design
  • Overall warehouse operations design
  • Specification and selection of MHE
  • Manning levels per operating area
  • Performance measures and tracking of benefits

The new warehouse go-live date was achieved on-time and a risk assessment for the next phase was provided. We successfully transferred technical skills to the client team who are now taking ownership throughout the project process.

“Click-On Logistcs refused to get pedantic about our poor data. They just got on with the job and helped us through the project in time”. Commented a spokesperson on behalf of the Client.

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