From call centres to manufacturing, outsourcing has entered the general business vocabulary. However, word familiarity does not make the subject any easier to deal with in practise. As an independent consultancy with extensive knowledge of the 3 and 4 PL markets we work with companies to select the best outsourcing partner and to support ongoing contract management .

Outsourcing requirements are diverse, and depend upon both the existing business situation, timescales, service level requirements and geographies as well as the availability and capability of the supplier market. At Click-On Logistics we recognise that our outsourcing support programmes require flexibility to compliment these varying needs. We can support with all, or a part of the outsourcing process which can cover:

  • Initial evaluation and outsourcing strategy specification
  • Potential supplier targeting
  • Development of quotation documentation and management of procurement process
  • Vendor rating and supplier response analysis
  • Development of SLA and commercial & contractual frameworks and structures
  • Contract negotiation
  • Implementation support and ongoing performance management
  • Post implementation reviews

Whatever the scope of our involvement, our outsourcing team draws upon its domestic and global experience mix of owning, procuring, managing and operating 3 & 4PL transport operations.

Our objective is to maximise business results for our clients, not just during the outsourcing process but also throughout the ongoing operation.