Project Management

Whatever the degree of change, effective project management is a core requirement for the timely realisation of business objectives and benefits. Conversely, the consequences of poor supply chain project management can impact not just upon the specific project but potentially a whole business. As well as project management skills, Click-On Logistics recognises that time, costs and supply chain sector knowledge are essential components to successful implementation.

At Click-On Logistics our project management team have substantial practical experience within a wide range of business sectors of successfully delivering change projects. Whatever the sector or the degree of change, we always employ a structured, collaborative and measured approach. The tools and techniques we apply are specific to the project objectives and scope but include:

  • Time and resource planning
  • Critical path analysis
  • Planning lifecycles
  • Controlled Environment project management
  • Cost management

We frequently provide project management when implementing the recommendations of our work. However, we also provide project management as a stand-alone service, supporting business with an independent, dedicated and professional resource.

In summary we have the skills and we have the resources to complement your team.