Supply Chain Benchmarking

At whatever level it is applied, strategic or tactical, at Click-On Logistics we believe that benchmarking is a systematic and empirically measurable  approach to the recognition of best practice. The Click-On Logistics benchmarking process involves the identification of current supply chain performance (financial, operational, service) indices and the understanding as to how  operations are done and what targets have been set.

The benchmarking process is the comparison of indices between similar or related markets, organisations, businesses and sectors. This relative comparison and the differential provides the opportunity for focussed performance improvement either through cost reduction, process change or an improvement in service levels. Click-On Logistics believe the following elements are vital to the success of the benchmarking process:

  • Defining the scope and objective and benchmarking deliverables
  • Confirming the output formats
  • Understanding current supply chain processes and required service outputs
  • Profile and quality of the data to be benchmarked
  • Appropriate and realistic comparatives
  • Interpretation and understanding of the outputs
  • Consider the opportunities and means of realisation

Our comparative supply chain benchmark standards are drawn from a dynamically updating databank containing best practice indices from world-class companies. Further, the variance analysis represent true sector best practice and provides the basis for our diagnostic as to how this could be achieved.