Supply Chain Strategy

For most businesses, their supply chain strategy is critical to their continued development. It is generally acknowledged that supply chain performance impacts on the majority of business’s revenue and cost functions. Obviously it’s dependent on the business, but in many cases supply chain thinking and strategy is low priority: after all compared to some other functions, it’s just not considered a priority.

However, at Click-On Logistics although we don’t think it’s glamorous we do passionately believe it to be fundamentally important. The design  of a supply chain strategy starts with understanding the overall business objectives. Key to this are the physical flows and the associated service promise. Once these are established, a range of supply chain strategies can be developed which are a function of:

  • In bound and outbound physical movements and timelines
  • Forecasting and demand accuracy
  • Service needs
  • Supplier availability
  • Systems application and interfaces and management resource
  • Costs
  • Carbon management

Our evaluation of supply chain options is collaborative with our clients. We model infrastructures, costs, carbon and resource requirements utilising best of breed techniques and software tools, to create a range of options. We review and select the optimum based upon relative comparison; our assessment is linked to the overall business case and risk management, not just direct supply chain optimisation.

Whatever the scope of a strategy review, from design to a health check of an existing infrastructure we produce pragmatic solutions that can be implemented.