We have two main work streams in our business:


The core operations improvement expertise that delivers profit improvement and service enhancement to operating companies.


The ‘Making Strategy Pay’ offer which includes operations improvement, within a broader framework of strategic change. This is delivered in collaboration with our business associates at The Oakwood Partnership.



We are measured by our successful projects:

An 8% reduction in annual logistics operating costs achieved through a restructured outsourcing deal in the food sector.


tickA 16% reduction in the cost per item dispatched in a new distribution centre achieved through the use of advanced technologies and new ways of working.


tickA 4% reduction in spend of a >30million pa category achieved by undertaking a strategic sourcing review for a major leisure sector client.


To reinforce the delivery of results such as those listed here, the Making Strategy Pay methodology embraces end to end thinking where business strategy and operations strategy become one. This drives ‘joined up’ thinking across the enterprise and encourages the supply chain to be considered as value added.